Why Can’t Fans Seem to Let Go of “Let It Go?” Analyzing the Success of Disney’s “Frozen”

It has been almost two years since Disney’s “Frozen” was released in theaters, and the movie’s title song, “Let It Go” is still blaring through the speakers found on children’s toys, looping non-stop on radio stations, and even playing on full blast at the gym. We may simply dismiss the film’s success as being part of Disney’s monopoly over the movie industry. Yet, this movie rivaled the ticket sales of such box office hits as “Up,” “The Incredibles,” and “The Lion King,” grossing in at approximately $400 million, whereas the other previously mentioned films, when averaged, made about $250 million. Even more shocking is the fact that Disney princess classics, such as “Beauty and the Beast” only obtained about $145 million in sales. So what makes “Frozen” and its musical hit so much more prosperous than the film’s other Disney princess predecessors?

One seemingly obvious factor is the difference in feminist depictions between Anna and Elsa and earlier princesses, such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. The latter three princesses have been categorized as “Voiceless Beauties,” according to one scholar. Read More »