Suggested Topics to Get You Started Writing

Need help on which particular musical features to talk about in your post? Here are some general suggestions:

-Lyrics if Looking at Vocal Piece (Any symbolism/politics/humor/satire behind lyrics, how many times certain lyrics repeat, effect lyric repetitions have on the song as a whole, etc.)

-Character (Does the way the music sounds or the way the performer acts tell you anything about the piece as a whole?)

-Costumes/Lighting/Staging (When in doubt, look at these details to help you interpret a piece’s meaning!)

-Instrumentation (Which instruments are being used/highlighted, and which mood do the sounds of the instruments create?)

-Technique (If you have ever sung or played an instrument, you can comment on the technical choices the performers make.)

-Comparison to Art, Theatre, Literature, Dance, History, Film, etc. (If you can draw parallels to any other work of art or area of expertise you may have, go for it!)

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