Welcome to Music Soirée! The mission of this forum is to engage people in musical discussion in a setting reminiscent of the salons of both the Classical and Romantic eras. It doesn’t matter whether you have musical training; all that matters is that you have a passion for listening and keep an open mind to looking at and experiencing music in innovative and challenging ways.

Music Soirée is more than just a blog–it is a gathering, a call-and-response song, a hopeful artistic revival in the midst of our 21st century age of digitization. Therefore, any comments made by readers are welcome and are equally as important as are the topics posted by the Soirée Hostess to encourage the vitality of this salon.

This salon aims to bridge the gap between multiple styles and genres of music, examining musicians and topics from The Beatles to Beyoncé to Broadway to Beethoven. So get ready to make some noise (or listen to some noise, of course) and start writing! We greatly appreciate any input you may have!


Music Soirée was formed as the brain-child of an emerging college senior seeking to attain her Bachelor of Arts in Music at Chapman University, while pursuing a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. A self- and other-proclaimed “old soul,” she always imagined herself in music history courses being whisked away to the candlelit café tables of mid-1800s Europe, striking up a literary conversation with Byron, while listening in awe to one of Chopin’s sonatas anytime salons were discussed. She has transferred her affinity for sparking musical conversation with students from all backgrounds and majors cultivated through this project to her professional experiences in the field of arts administration.

With humble beginnings, Music Soirée struggled to gain followers and commentators. Yet, with the grace of God, the help of a wise faculty mentor, market research, countless hours of Facebook plugs, the loving support and participation of family and friends, an interdisciplinary collegiate music education, and late night ice cream runs with a roommate for inspiration, Music Soirée gained over 500 views over the course of a ten-week fellowship. It has expanded to reach readers across the globe, thus creating an international virtual salon, arguably the first of its kind.

The scholarly analysis of the successes and failures of Music Soirée to those of in-person historic salons was a winning entry of the Kevin and Tam Ross Undergraduate Research Prize and the Music History Award at Chapman University (http://digitalcommons.chapman.edu/cusrd_abstracts/188).

This project was presented at the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Commencement and at Undergraduate Student Research Day.

-John 3:16

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